Spray-fillerTotal Care



A two-phase spray filler with amino acids for deep hydration and intensive repair of damaged hair.
The spray filler is based on the exclusive PRODEW 400 amino acid complex, thanks to which it strengthens the hair cuticles, saturates the hair fiber with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and maintains an optimal level of hair hydration.
The innovative formula of the spray-filler is enriched with myrrh oil, keratin, D-panthenol, soy and wheat proteins, coffee oil, instantly restores brittle hair, protects it from aggressive environmental influences, gives shine and silkiness.

VOLUME: 250 ml




PRODEW® 400 – - a highly effective moisturizing agent based on amino acids. Retains moisture in the hair for a long time, makes it smoother, more elastic and stress-resistant. This component was developed by the Japanese company AJINOMOTO Co., Inc.